Allergy Apocalypse

It is like watching a small budget film that shouldn’t be allowed in the movie theater.  The trees, flowers, and Mother Earth are waking up from a cold..cold.. winter.  The itchy eyes, the runny nose, and your head that is congested like the New York subway in the middle of rush hour.  All you want is relief, the ability to smell the freshness, instead of despising it.  I really feel bad for those who suffer from year long allergies, and you are true testament to the horror of allergies.  There has to be a way to fight them right? We have all the technology in the world, and medicine has advanced far beyond our imagination. So of course there is good news, here are some ways to defend against them!


  1. Wash your hair at night. Your hair is one of the first things that attracts and collects pollen. If you haven’t washed your hair, then when you lay down in bed, the pollen follows you.


  1. Have you given a speech or been in a high stress environment lately? “Stress raises levels of the hormone cortisol,” says Clifford Bassett, MD, an allergist at New York University Medical Center, and that often leads to an amped-up allergic response. He suggest finding ways to relax will help you feel better.  Allergiers .jpg


  1. Chiropractic care can also help with allergies, visiting a chiropractor regularly will help strengthen your immune system, it will alleviate allergy symptoms, and can prevent sinus and ear infections.   




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