Why Detoxing is Important for the Body

How long do you spend in the shower scrubbing your face, body and hair? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Maybe you like to sit there for an extra 10 or so minutes slowly increasing the waters temperature to ease away the stresses from the day out of the muscles. Whatever the time may be the question is why do you do it? To clean away the dirt, grime and dead skin cells from our external body! But what about cleaning the inside of the body? Making the inside of our bodies as squeaky clean as we make the outsides is something many people don’t really think about, and honestly, it’s a little more important!

detox the body

Why does the body even need cleaning out?

Like every biotic process that occurs naturally in our environment, there are sometimes bi-products and waste produced throughout. The same is true for our bodies. Processes in our digestive system, kidneys and immune system perform functions that, in a major part: remove harmful or foreign material from our bodies. For those process and body parts to do this in the best manner possible, they have to remove it from the body. Why not help the process out a little bit? Detoxifying the body gives these awesome organs and processes a little boost and in turn, eases the strain they face. This helps in the end with overall wellness and elongation of healthy body systems.

What gets cleansed when detoxifying?

When impunities appear in the blood, this is just one of the jobs of the kidneys to remove. Sadly, the kidneys cannot remove everything that is in the body system. So detoxifying can help fill those gaps that the kidneys cannot fill. When talking about the digestive system, its job is to move sustenance throughout the body and extracting the essential nutrients throughout the process. At the end of this process there is waste and we have a body part to remove that. But the same is true for the digestive system that is for the kidneys. Detoxifying helps cleanse that waste that the body did not get rid of in other natural processes. The Immune system is a big one. It’s what keeps us healthy and our bodily functions running properly. Obviously there are things such as viruses and germs that complicate this task. Every time you get a cold or flu, this means there is something invading your body and making your bodily process not function correctly. The immune system acts like a homing torpedo and attacks these and removes them to bring the body back to a stable state of bodily health.

I’m convinced…what do I do next?

water detox

The best thing to do to detoxify the body is to first and foremost, stop or limit your intake of sugary or fattening foods, cigarettes, coffee and alcohol. This may seem like a no-brainer but these things are what produce the most waste for your body to rid itself of. The next thing is to drink plenty of WATER (8 – 8oz glasses per day). That’s right, water. The most powerful detoxifying tool is good ol’ H2O. This is because your body uses water for almost every single process it does and ridding it of waste, is one of those processes. Water really is the “liquid of life”. The next thing you should do is limit the amount of stress you are feeling. Stress can actually inhibit detoxifying enzymes in the liver! From there just keep a healthy diet and remember that moderation of fast foods, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol is your best weapon.

Here is the bottom-line…If you are feeling sluggish, you can’t focus, you get sick easily or are seeing an uncommon increase in weight; it’s time to detoxify. In this case the good DEFINITELY outweighs the bad. So go on…start your detox today and be proactive about your health!

Ready to get your detox program going? Call us today for a free whole health wellness consultation! (937)-492-4681


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